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The Daily Flame is an Internet news essay delivered each business day on the World Wide Web ( and via email. Topics include Internet politics, technology, business, and culture with a special focus on security.

Core Values

  • Online Freedom — The freedom of surfing is freedom of thought. Authority seeks to regulate online freedom, what we are free to read, and what we are free to think. While others give the world free source software that runs much of the net. Coverage of Internet politics and regulation, privacy issues, censorship attempts, the free source software movement.
  • Online Security — Frontier life calls for extra precautions. Every computer user connected to the Internet should learn as much Internet security as possible. Trust no one online, and be aware that all Internet communications are subject to automated eavesdropping. Coverage of computer security practices and tools, firewalls, social engineering, systems cracking.
  • Online Survival — The Internet is a powerful survival tool. The wise will survive the coming storms: Y2K, global financial collapse, infowar, computer insecurity, TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It). Coverage of computer risks, disaster planning, emergency supplies, back-to-the-land.

Commitment to Readers

The Daily Flame will respect your right to privacy. The Daily Flame readership will not be sold out.

The Daily Flame will maintain editorial integrity at all times. The Daily Flame ad inventory is sold blindly via Google. The Daily Flame readership will not be sold out.

The Daily Flame will pursue the truth without prejudice. Standard disclaimers apply: "Your mileage may vary", "Your words are your own", etc. The Daily Flame readership will not be sold out.

A Note on the Art of Flaming

The art of flaming is oft denigrated, largely due to the puerile outbursts and personal attacks that countless flamers exude each day. But the skillful flamer doesn't resort to below-the-belt blows or figurative ear-chewing. Those who practice the art of the flame understand that flames can have many beneficial effects, especially if they hit the target with devastating accuracy.

A well-crafted flame is direct and effective. It doesn't waste your time with abstractions, obfuscations, or secondary agendas. It communicates. A well-crafted flame points out the weaknesses of the target with wicked efficiency and thus acts as an invitation to improvement. It can strip an issue to the bare bones truth — not always a pretty sight, but the truth nonethless.

Your Very Own Flame

A good flame can be tonic for the soul. The Daily Flame welcomes submissions from its readers.

Here are some brief guidelines. Each Daily Flame should be topically related to Internet technology, business, or culture in some way. Write standard Internet English with minimal resort to jargon or technospeak. A flame should run no more than 500 words — get in, make your point, and close. Foul language is unacceptable. Personal attacks are discouraged. Your words on your own, and by submitting them to The Daily Flame, you accept responsibility for what you say.


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